Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Biotoilet : Common Solution for Human Sewage Treatment

Biotoilet is  simplified anaerobic digestion system of human sewage. Instead of Common Septic tank, Anaerobic digestion tank connected with toilet drain line to digest the human sewage solid waste. In the absence of Oxygen, Microorganism breakdown the human solid waste into biogas and compostable manure fertiliser liquid which is utilize for gardening purpose.

Main Objective of Biotoilet :
  • No energy dependence system for sewage treatment.
  • Affordability in rural area & construction site.
  • Minimum water uses for cleaning & Sewage Treatment.
  • Allow weather system.
  • Allow toilet cleaning agents for better hygiene. 

Process & Technologies :
Biological process takes place in four stage 1] Hydrolysis : Large polymer converted into simple monomers 2] Acidogenesis :Simple monomers are converted into volatile fatty acids 3]Acetogenesis & 4] Methanogenesis : Volatile fatty acids are converted into methane & carbon dioxide. 

Salient Future of Biotoilet :
  • Does not require any septic tank, sewage tank connectivity.
  • Disposes human waste in a 100% ECO friendly manner.
  • Existing out of order septic tank can be replace by bio-digester in existing public & toilets.
  • Maintenance free biological process.

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