Friday, 6 February 2015

Maintain the healthy life of biological wastewater system

Just as we human beings need air, water, food and climatic conditions to survive, bacterial cultures also need air, food and suitable climatic conditions. The organic matter present in the waste water acts as a food source for the bacteria which they consume and multiply.

Air can be provided to them from outside by a blower or compressor. Nutrients like DAP and urea should be provided to bacteria to make them grow healthy which will help them to break and consume the organic matter.

Parameters to be maintained: To maintain healthy bacterial growth, it is necessary to maintain the following parameters as per the requirement.

1) F/M (food to microbes ratio)
2) C:N:P (carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus)
3) air quantity (Dissolved Oxygen)
4) pH
5) temperature

Also, it should be made sure that toxic substances do not enter the system, as they will hamper the bacterial growth and thereby reduce the efficiency of the biological system.

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