Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Media Formulation

  • Thorough analysis is essential to establish a suitable medium for an individual fermentation process
  • All most all microbes need water, energy sources, sources of carbon and nitrogen, certain mineral elements and perhaps vitamins plus oxygen if microbes are aerobic
  • It is easy to devise a medium containing pure compounds on a small scale but this medium may be unsuitable for use in a large scale fermentation processes
  • Following are the criteria imperative to  consider while designing a medium for large scale production
~ The medium should support the maximum production of yield of product per gram of substrate used
~ It should promote maximum accumulation of  the product
~The maximum rate of product formation should be achieved 
~There should be minimum production of unwanted products
~Constituents of the medium should be available throughout the year at cheaper rate and nearby area
~There should not be any undesirable changes in the consistency of the medium during preparation of media and after sterilization
~There should not be any difficulty in the operations like aeration, agitation during the production process and downstream operations like detection, isolation, extraction, purification and waste treatment

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