Sunday, 3 August 2014

Find Out Who You Really are....

First you learn who you are. And when you learn who the real self is, the false images fall away. The person you thought you were, the religion you thought you were, the philosophy you thought you were—these may fall away. You may find out that all of these philosophies that you’ve been adhering to just don’t work, but you may be afraid to throw them away because you don’t know what will take their place. When you get rid of the things that don’t work, you will find the true self.

If you could just once see within the true self, if you could get that image just once in your consciousness for a fraction of a second, you could go on for the rest of your life using that as an inner guiding light. And to live from the level of your true self, you give yourself over to the truth of your own beingness completely. Then you find yourself moving into an awareness of your Soul consciousness, and in that you find your freedom.What it comes down to, always and forever, is the commitment to yourself, and that starts when, ten billion times a day, ten billion percent, you commit to the upliftment and the unfoldment that is your spiritual  nature. You commit yourself to yourself—not to the personality or the emotions or the body or the wallet, but to that very essence of God that we identify as the Soul.
So enter into the warmth and graciousness of God within you. Go inside to Spirit, to God, to your own loving nature. Don’t go inside and look at your emotions, or all you’ll see is upset. Don’t go inside and look at your mind; it will keep pushing you back out here, and you’ll never see anything else. Go past those levels and you’ll start moving into some of the most glorious territories that have yet to be investigated.
That very one you’re looking for is in your heart, and the very one you’ve been after has always been
here. If you really get that, it stirs deep inside you, beyond any place of comprehension, and goes to the place of understanding. That is the place where you say, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”
This divinity is yours for the taking. You weren’t placed on the planet to be a beggar. These things are  yours already, and all you need do is accept them. Your true self is perfect. You are divine. All things are givento you when you recognize who you are.

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